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Skill (outcomes)

    • Formalise knowledge and evaluate its uses in particular contexts.
    • I was thinking about logic and knowledge representation formats here.
    • We have talked about ontologies and xml.
    • We have talked about cognitive maps a lot.
    • You will be evaluated on cognitive maps.
    • Still, I think we've done ok here but could have done better.
    • Design and evaluate interface designs.
    • Mark Springett gave a lecture on interfaces.
    • We have talked about writing.
    • You will be evaluated on the hypertext version of your coursework.
    • Unfortunately, I think we've not done that well on this one.
    • Select and apply appropriate research methods for particular questions.
    • We've talked a lot about methods and their applicability.
    • There is something about the difficulty of questions and complexity of quantitative methods on particular questions.
    • Obviously, you will have to do this as part of your coursework.
    • I think we've done pretty well here.
  1. What do you think?