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Knowledge (outcomes)

    • Explain open areas of research in Knowledge Management and Knowledge and Data Engineering..
    • I think we covered this in most lectures.
    • We talked about visualization, ontologies, learning organisations and so forth.
    • We talked about machine learning algorithms, knowledge representation, and AI applications.
    • I think we could have done better here, but we did reasonably well
    • This is a large component of the course work
    • Explain research methodologies and the problems to which they are applied.
    • Particuarly toward the end, we have done this.
    • We've talked about a range of qualitative methodologies and their strengths and weakneses.
    • We've talked about many examples of quantitative methodologies.
    • We've also talked about particular evaluation techniques applied to AI such as N-Fold testing.
    • I think we've done a really good job here.
    • Critically evaluate research that is presented.
    • We've spent a lot of time talking about the quality of research.
    • Examples have been discussed that have ranged from very poor to great.
    • We've also looked at our own research.
    • I think we did pretty good here.
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