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Games and Game Engines with CABot

The CABot will perform in a virtual games environment. This relates to work Chris Huyck and Ian Kenny have done on Games and AI.
One of the big questions is what games engine to use. Kenny and Huyck used Half-Life Half-Life Wiki. There is a good resource on games engines at Game Engine Wiki Quake Engine Wiki QUaRK Delta3d Engine Wiki Torque Engine prboom with freedoom
DarkPlaces Engine Wiki, Nexuiz game, Open Quartz Wiki game, Open Quartz Home page,
Crystal Space Engine Wiki, Crystal Space Org Home page, Crystal Space Online Manual Crystal Space Developer's Forum
Delta3d is an engine developed by the US Navy. Delta3d Engine Wiki, Delta3d Home Page, Source Forge Net detla3d page, Source Forge Net Armagentron Advanced page Source Forge Net Speedsim page I couldn't seem to find a game that was like a 3 person shooter. Armagetron Advanced was the light cycle race from Tron. Some agent libraries came with Delta3d, but it didn't seem to have a complete game.
Irrlicht Engine Wiki, Irrlicht Engine seems to have a fair number of people using it. The games are realistic though you seem to be able to walk through people. I tried DungeonTech, which seemed ok. It also looked like the DungeonTech code was available, and the person in charge seems to be in Surrey. There were some other games. I think you have to add the physics from another source.
Level editors seem like a useful tool. Irrlicht doesn't seem to have them, Quake does, Delta3D seems to.
Factors involved in selecting an engine: