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Like CABot1 and CABot2, CABot3 is an agent that works with a user in an environment. The environment is based on the shareware CrystalSpace games engine. The two communicate via text and jpg. files. Both game and agent can run in standalone mode, but will take input from those files and send output to them.

CABot3 is written in Java. It is an extension of our CANT23 neural simulator. All of the code you need for the agent is here. See Building CABot3 below for further instructions.

The environment is written in C++ in the CrystalSpace games engine. The novel code is a modification of the mazing tutorial provided with crystal space. You can also take the 11 meg version and avoid futzing with crystal space. See Building Mazing below for further instructions.

If you have any problems, feel free to send an email for help.