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Lab 9: XNA Driving Game

  1. You're going to make a driving game from scratch.
  2. In later labs, you'll plug in the physics, but today the goal is to get it working.
  3. Start XNA and make a new Windows Game application. Compile it and run to get the blank page. (1 pt)
  4. Put in a racetrack background.(2 pts)
  5. Put in a car with a 2D position. (I initially used a bmp.) This was by far the hardest thing for me to do on this lab. I eventually did a help search on ".fx" and found How to: Create and Apply Custom Effects, to make a shaded cube.(1 pt)
  6. Add keyboard input for up, down, left and right.(2 pts)
  7. Make sure it stays on the track.(2 pt)
  8. Use an orientation vector for the lines. Change orientation with left and right. Forward (and backward) now depend on orientation. (1 pt)
  9. Replace the bmp with lines.(1 pt)