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Lab 15: Unevaluated

  1. The next lab will evaluate you on code sharing. (Doing pretty much the below).
  2. Students to determine what group project will be done for labs 16, 17 and 18.
  3. Setup git in visual studio.
  4. I started out following
    1. Then get git extensions. From the blog link. Run and install. Select install kdiff and mysysgit.
    2. Run git extensions.
    3. Make a private public key pair. remotes/putty/generate or import key. Save the private key.
    4. Give Chris the public key to allow you to use the repository. (chris in github account setting / ssh)
    5. Test. Clone repository in extensions. load the saved private key
    6. Get source control provider at codeplex from the blog.
    7. Follow the blog. launch vs 2010. Tools/options/source control/git
    8. Open the saved project
    9. Change it
    10. Commit the changes
    11. Push it. Codeshare13 rt mouse/gitmaster/push
      manage remotes/ load private key