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Here are some BSc or MSc thesis topics I'm interested in supervising. Feel free to e-mail for more of a discussion.

  1. Specific: I have an industrial collaborator (Stevan Zivanovic), who is interested in automated software test development. Briefly, a program, using forms, would be presented. The thesis would centre around a system that automatically generated a suite of tests for this program. It would generate the tests based on screen shots of the form. (The system could work on only common objects (e.g. radio buttons). It could also learn from a human tester.) There would be two types of tests that would be generated: first, function calls with parameters; second a system that moved about the screen (using for example sendkeys) to automatically fill in and submit the form. (The submission would call the function.)
  2. General: Anything involving simulated neurons.
  3. Specific: change my 10ms Fatiguing Leaky Integrate and Fire neuron model to a 1ms modle, and validate it on biological data.
  4. General: I've superevised a lot of theses over the years using the University of California at Irvine's Categorisation Benchmark . The idea is that a a student uses a machine learning algorithm on tests on the benchmark. Any algorithm will work. You can use multiple benchmarks. You can use multiple algorithms. It's good to use an N-Fold test.
  5. General: A chatbot.
  6. Very General: Anything in AI

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