Experiments and Statistics

Experiment 1: 900 neurons, 2 spatially distinct patterns. Pattern is active for 10 cycles.

Using Pearson Product Moment Correlation.

0 Runs200 Runs400 Runs
Maximum Neurons103031
A-A Correlation-.0074.7585.7442
B-B Correlation-.0067.6456.8077
A Self Correlation.0068.1649.2110
B Self Correlation-.0057.2175.2332
A-B Correlation-.0073-.0068-.0351

A-A and B-B Correlation shows reliable activation, A and B self correlation shows persistence, and A-B correlation shows uniqueness.

Experiment 2: 400 neurons, more acurate neural model (neurons either inhibitory or excitatory but not both, and firing loses all activation).

Exploring different patterns. All exhaustive so no spontaneous activation needed. Patterns varied on locality.

LocalHalf LocalInterleaved
Number of Runs3003501500
A-A Correlation1.9286.9900
B-B Correlation1.9492.9917
A Self Correlation.9970.8821.8261
B Self Correlation.9734.9562.9386
A-B Correlation-1-.4973-.9826

All of the patterns are learned. Distance-biasing makes it easier to learn, but even interleaved patterns are learned.