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BIS 2040 Resit Course Work

Resit Coursework

Resit students may either do the normal coursework or the project described below. NB: the normal coursework starts in the lab in the second week of the course.

The assignment for the module is as follows:
You are to build a Knowledge Based System using Clips, or Caspian. It will contain knowledge from a domain of your choosing, and will include rule-based reasoning (either forward chaining, backward chaining or mixed), or case-based reasoning. Approval for your chosen knowledge domain must be obtained from the module tutor, to ensure that the domain is suitable. Your coursework, when handed in, should include a floppy disk containing the finished system.

In past semesters we have made it mandatory that you select your own domains. This was to force you to explore the knowledge engineering issues. While we would prefer you to choose your own domain, we have provided several example domains below; it is unlikely that you will recieve a first class mark if you use these domains, but they should give you an idea of a minimal system.

Marking scheme:

  1. The Program Runs (up to 20).
  2. Sophistication and Extent of Knowledge Base (up to 25 marks)
  3. Extent to which the system performs a useful function (up to 15 marks)
  4. Discussion of why this particularly domain is appropriate for the type of expert system you used. (up to 10 marks)
  5. Description of the knowledge acquisition process. A sample taken from a published source of the knowledge or an interview transcript are useful. (up to 10 marks)
  6. Description of rules or cases and data items (up to 10 marks)
  7. Descriptions of "successful" and "unsuccessful" program runs, including sample output. (up to 10 marks)

Some notes on the above marking scheme: