EIS School Seminar Schedule 2011-2012

Time: Wednesdays 3-5
Location: G229 (The new Grove building).
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DateSpeakerTitleFurther Information
Aug. 1Dr Jonathan LooOn the Quality of Service Security of the “Internet of Things”Abstract: In a nutshell, the main concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is the networks of interconnected smart objects i.e. embedded devices with sensors and actuators, via the Internet using standard communication protocols such as IPv6. The web of smart objects is envisaged to work autonomously to deliver services and solutions by mean of identification, locating, tracking, monitoring, managing etc., without human intervention, which are largely applicable in real-life applications, from transportation and logistics, health care, smart environment, to personal and social, gaming, robot, city information. Fueling to bring IoT concept to real life, IEFT is working on 6LoWPAN, which is a standard to integrate IPv6 with the IEEE 802.15.4 based Low-power and Lossy Wireless Personal Area Network (LoWPAN), also referred to as Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). This standard allows the use of existing IP network infrastructure and the huge address space of IPv6; ideally, vast number of smart objects can be deployed in local WSNs which be used to harvest enormous data and information through the Internet. In this talk, I will present some potential security threats in 6LoWPAN and will then reveal some potential research works in the area of intrusion detection system (IDS) as a second line defence for the protection of 6LoWPAN network’s operation, resources and Quality of Service (QoS) performance.
Aug. 8Summer Break
Aug. 15Summer Break
Aug. 22Summer Break
Aug. 29Summer Break

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