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Note that in all the cases, the answers are sample answers and form one strand in a conversation that can be had about these questions.

Lab 16 Answers

  1. They of course get a lot of things like your address and credit card number. They need to keep that secure, so they probably won't use that. However, they can look at the things you've bought, or even the things you've looked at.
  2. Particularly with the things you've bought, but also what you've looked at, they can use this to guess what else you might be interested. For example, they usually have that bit on a page "people who've bought this have also bought this".
  3. See the above answer.
  4. Oasis only gives you access to your modules. Also, you have your own area for email and discussion. Online questionairres can be tailored to you, and so is the feedback.
  5. Sorry, you're going to have to come up with this yourself.
  6. For a wiki to work, a document is set up on a server, and linked to other documents (so people can find it). Now the document needs to be edited. There a range of possibilities, but one possibility is that there is a person in charge of the document, and a set of people are allowed to edit it. The person in charge approves all changes. The people editing the document, get a copy, and return the edited version. The person in charge approves, and then replaces the original copy.
  7. That's kind of the point of a social network. You get friends. You update your page. Your friends can see the changes. You can see theres. Of course, there are a whole range of other types of personalisation going on when systems automatically suggest things for you to do.