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Embodied Spatial Learning with NEST and SpiNNaker

  1. Symbols are represented in your brain by Cell Assemblies. These are groups of neurons that have high mutual synaptic strength so that they can remain persistently active after external stimulus has stopped.
  2. While there's lots of evidence for these CAs all over the brain, it's not entirely clear how they work.
  3. It's not just symbols that are represented by CAs and CAs are not just in human brains but in mammalian brains. So, when a rat wants to go to a certain place in a maze, it turns on its CA.
  4. It's easy enough to say 1, 3 and the antecedent clause in 2, but we want to be able use CAs to build better AI systems, and to better understand them, and via them neuropsychology.
  5. So, that's what my group at Middlesex does. We build spiking neural systems, using CAs. These are agents performing in environments.